Almost Cool is an LA-based sketch and film group created in 2013 by two roommates, Almog Avidan Antonir and Tom Assam-Miller, who were later joined by their two pals, Chase Cargill and Heston Horwin.  Almost Cool started out as a YouTube channel featuring two viral web-series, "Long Story Short" and "Wiener vs. Brain." The channel now has over 5.5 million views, and “Long Story Short: I Had a Movie Date” sits as one of Reddit’s Top All Time Videos. Almost Cool's series have been featured on FunnyOrDie, 9gag, Literally Darling, and Buzzfeed.

"Long Story Short" has also been featured on the Orange County Register and was named one of the Top 10 Web-Series of 2014 by LA Weekly. Alongside narrative content, the Almost Cool gang has worked with brands such has Sony, Lionsgate, 20th Century FOX, Bud Light, Peet's Coffee, and Old Spice to produce branded content and commercials that engage large audiences. While continuing to post videos on YouTube regularly, the Almost Cool team is currently developing concepts for TV and feature films.

Almog Avidan Antonir is a writer/director with a BFA degree in Film Production and an Advertising minor from the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University. Wow, that was a mouth full... Almog moved to the states from Israel at the age of nine, and fell in love with the art of filmmaking in high school. Since then, he's

written, directed, and edited shorts that won awards at various film festivals. After starting the YouTube channel Almost Cool, he's gone on to create numerous viral series along with custom content for brands such as Bud Light, 20th Century FOX, and Lionsgate. He currently continues to direct shorts, while developing stories for TV and feature-length films. Aside from making and watching movies, Almog also enjoys hiking, playing the piano, and taking extremely hot showers.


Tom Assam-Miller is an actor/writer and a co-founder of Almost Cool. He was born and raised in a big, lively city in Northeastern Mexico called Monterrey but is "bi-cultured" because his madre's 

from the US. He graduated from Chapman University with a BFA in Screen Acting and an Advertising minor, acting in more than 25 Chapman films and independent projects.  Aside from film, Tom also loves singing, dancing, playing piano, playing with his beard, dark chocolate, Michael Buble, and sports (soccer is his fave). He is, without a doubt, a TRUE idiot at heart.


Chase Cargill was born and raised in Houston, Texas alongside two obnoxious brothers who forced him to fight for attention, therefore establishing his theatrical roots at an early age. After discovering his lack of interest in T-ball or soccer, he decided to give acting a shot at the age of nine, and has been hooked ever since.

Chase has performed in various shows, including Lexicat Artist’s If All the Sky Were Paper, Fulton Entertainment’s The Gayest Christmas Pageant Ever and Son of Semele Ensemble’s critically acclaimed If You Can Get to Buffalo.  Chase received his BFA in Theatre Performance from Chapman University and currently resides in Los Angeles. In addition to performing, he loves the outdoors, wizards, and red pandas! Also, he wrote this in third person and it felt ...weird.


Heston Horwin has been acting since his mom accidentally signed him up for drama class freshman year of high school. Ever heard of Fallbrook? No? It's this small town in San Diego county where Heston grew up, but to make it easier, he just tells people he grew up in San Diego. Heston has a B.F.A. Screen Acting degree

from Chapman University's Dodge College Film School & the College of Performance Art as well as a Minor in Television. He has been training in improv at the Groundlings School & Theatre since 2011. In addition to Almost Cool, he and his friends co-founded an online comedy troupe called Ignorant Minds. In his spare time, you can find Heston glued to his N64 jamming out on his Ocarina of Time or on his Xbox decimating the Covenant as Spartan 117.